Mary's wide and varied experience in all areas of singing and performance leave her uniquely placed to teach.
She gives masterclasses and workshops around the world as well as individual lessons focusing on the techniques required to sing in many different styles for long hours at a time.
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Mary has learned to solve many technical problems over the years in her varied career. Through her voice training as an actor she can help bridge the gap between speech and singing - a common problem for those who are not so comfortable using their singing voice.

Private tuition

Mary works with singers who may want to rediscover their love of singing or look at aspects of their technique.
She can help develop sight singing and session singing skills and give advice and insights for performance whether on the largest stage or in intimate spaces.


workshops and masterclasses


Mary's workshops include "Investigating Vocal Recording Techniques". 
'I love studio recording - the challenge of giving a performance that will sound great on repeated hearings as well as capturing a moment in time that sounds spontaneous and fresh. As with most things in music having knowledge and technique frees you up to be creative.  Recording is very different from live performance and there are tricks to learn not just to do with the technology but also concentration, commitment and vocal colours'
This and other programmes are suitable for conservatoire and university students.

"Singing makes you feel great! The connection with your breathing - your core - and making a wonderful noise is powerful stuff! I can help you feel more confident and find the joy in whatever kind of singing you want to do..."